Addison Reserve Country Club

Delray beach, Florida



What started out as nothing more than 653 acres of flat tomato fields, was eventually transformed into a lush and immaculate master planned community, inspired by famous Florida architect, Addison Mizner.  This piece of ground was one of the last remaining undeveloped parcels around Boca Raton.

I worked with Arthur and Mike Dasher to develop three distinctive nine-hole courses that intertwined throughout the distinctive residential neighborhoods.  Each course was given a name… Redemption, Trepidation and Salvation.  The course constructions were phased, but were all completed around 1996. During construction I recall there being one tree on the entire property - a beautiful mahogany tree.  We worked like hell to protect that tree and we adjusted the design to accommodate it.  The developer threw thousands of dollars at keeping it healthy.  A number of years later, the tree finally died - but by then, all the surrounding planted vegetation had quickly grown to maturation.

When developed, Addison Reserve was one of the fastest golf communities I can ever recall to sell out… including the real estate and the memberships.  It was as a big a slam dunk as there ever was in South Florida.  The developers, Taylor Woodrow, were so successful that they planned an encore act up the road to the north in Palm Beach Gardens… another similar community called Mirasol.  Both were directed by a great friend, Craig Perna - he’s absolutely one of the best. So our entire team simply got back to work again!

Today, the club continues to thrive - now member-owned since 2002.  Addison Reserve is a Platinum Club of America and one of America’s Healthiest Clubs.


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