I am fortunate to have worked with so many great people through the years, and all of them have played a part in furthering my work and career. The personal bond between owner, superintendent, builder, consultants and architect is ultimately what makes the team come together to produce successful results. These relationships become enduring, with continued collaboration and support. To truly understand and appreciate what the relationships mean, one should hear what others say. Here are some thoughts from the team:


"The Knollwood Club engaged Drew Rogers Design to do a master plan for our 1924 C. H. Alison golf course. In the 70’s and 80’s much of the original charm of the course was lost to tree planting, and the modernist design features of that era. His assessment and visioning document provided a detailed analysis of not only the golf course but the way it needed to fit within the landscape, scale and scope of the property. After reviewing the plan, the Club membership approved a project that touched every hole on the golf course including the complete redesign of two non-original holes. Using Alison’s notes and old photographs, as well as his knowledge of Alison’s work,  Drew created a plan that would restore much of the character of our golden age golf course while also addressing the realities of the modern game. From the initial drawings to adjustments he made in the field, Drew was very good at guiding the Club through what was required for the course to reach its full potential while also listening and adjusting to input he received from the Club’s staff and members who were involved. In the end, Drew achieved the very difficult objective of making the Knollwood Club a more strategic and challenging test while also making it more beautiful and a pleasure to play for all skill levels."

- Tim Finnegan, Club President - Knollwood Club, Lake Forest, IL

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Drew over the past six years at Knollwood Club.  Beginning with the Course Visioning Plan in 2018, to the culmination of the renovation in 2022, I have been so impressed with his high attention to detail and passion for improving the course.  Drew's down-to-earth personality was the perfect match to communicate his vision to the club before the project and ensured club leadership was engaged throughout the construction process. His thorough preparations and planning enabled our project to be completed on time and on budget.  Since re-opening the golf course this past spring, our entire membership has been thrilled with the improvements throughout the golf course and many of our members favorite results are among the most ambitious parts of his plan! I look forward to continuing to work with Drew in the future at Knollwood."

- Drew Barnett, Golf Course Superintendent - Knollwood Club, Lake Forest, IL

“When we set out to plan for renovations to our Club Course, we did so with the intent of upgrading infrastructures and to shine up an aging layout.  We selected Drew to help lead us through that process, and it was immediately apparent that he was listening to us even more intently than we expected. He processed our needs and expectations and then advanced them to an entirely higher level as the design continued to develop.  Every step of the way his vision became more clear while demonstrating rare passion and patience along the way. This course now welcomes the newer players with a clear path to the green while challenging the decision making process of the experts. Now that the course has reopened for play, it’s not only the favored playing experience at Polo Club, but it also has members buzzing with a resurgence of pride and excitement to play their new, beloved golf course."  

- Tom Haase, Director of Golf - Polo Club, Boca Raton, FL

“Drew Rogers and his team completed an extraordinary job with the Club Course at the Polo Club of Boca Raton.  With a challenging layout of the property, he was able to design a course that appeases all levels of golf from tee to green, all while working with our agronomic needs to maintain the course conditions. Drew’s creativity and a keen eye for detail made this project a huge success for the club and the pure enjoyment of the game.”  

- Jake Tenopir, Director of Golf Course Maintenance - Polo Club, Boca Raton, FL

"We engaged Drew because he had a great sense of what we were trying to accomplish from the onset.  We knew we had a special course, but we needed professional guidance to make it shine.  The pace and vision Drew shared with our team worked with the resources we could reasonably provide.  The long-term nature of our relationship with Drew has led to many impromptu conversations that have developed into well thought out ideas for our course.  I’m confident we are going to have the best version of Pine Hills possible when we complete our plans."

- Keith Robel, Past President & Course Improvement Committee Chair- Pine Hills Country Club, Sheboygan, WI

"I would like to take this opportunity to both commend and endorse the exceptional performance of our course architect, Mr. Drew Rogers. Drew’s knowledge of golf course history, design and architectural principals is unprecedented, which led us to his initial selection. He led us through the planning and execution of the first major renovation of Plum Hollow since it was initially built in 1921. His inspired vision for our course reinstated our Colt/Alison design into a form that must surely resemble what golfers appreciated here over 100 years ago. 

During the planning and design process, Drew searched out old photos and design concepts from Capt. Alison’s other similarly timed and scoped works. These collective efforts fueled the Colt/Alison vision along with the incorporation of other basic needs and upgrades required to enhance the efficiencies of our course. What resulted is an enduring, well-balanced, appealing presentation that both the skilled and the novice now collectively enjoy. We’re excited and proud to be able to return our restored gem to the stature that once hosted a number of PGA Tour events over our long history. The course presentation now feels completely new, yet it wreaks of Golden Age subtleties and nuance - all at Drew’s direction."

- Joe Maiorano, President - Plum Hollow Country Club, Southfield, MI

"It is clear when working with Drew how thoroughly he understands the nuance of design. He’s not afraid to let ideas evolve in the field without losing sight of the original concept.  His work truly provides the best of both worlds: unique design blending modern touches with classical golf architecture while always keeping the aspects of maintenance in mind. Throughout the project he was a true partner and his collaborative approach made bringing his vision to life a blast!"

- Dave Makulski, Superintendent - Plum Hollow Country Club, Southfield, MI

"Working with Drew Rogers is a Golf Course Superintendent’s dream. Not only does he understand the challenges we face in maintaining and preparing a course for play, he also completely grasps the political atmosphere in which we work on a daily basis - and his design approach follows accordingly.   Drew’s completed treatment of Ruth Lake’s new bunkers now perfectly complement the layout and character of this high-end private club in Chicago.  The demands of the membership were met each step of the way.  Not only was Drew ever-attentive to the details of our project,  but just as impressively, he kept an ever-mindful eye on our budget while delivering all of our agreed goals and objectives as initially set forth.  Ruth Lake looks forward to having a long and lasting relationship with Drew – a true master of his craft."

- Dan Marco, Golf Course Superintendent - Ruth Lake County Club, Hinsdale, IL

"From the interview process to reopening the course after a six month renovation, Drew was truly a partner in our experience.  It goes without saying he is incredibly passionate and skilled at his trade.  What sets him apart from many others though, is his ability to listen.  I toured several of Drew’s projects prior to selecting him as our renovation specialist and I think what becomes obvious is his ability to deliver such different products to different clients based on their needs. My own passion for classic architecture and the opportunity to pay homage to Seth Raynor was as critical - perhaps even more critical - to the project as the regrassing of the fairways themselves.  We created a golf course with a distinctive identity.  We made it playable for all skill sets.  We insured that it is maintainable. We put an emphasis on “fun”.

I could not be more appreciative for the opportunity to work with Drew. I am equally grateful to be able to call him my friend."

- Ken McMaster, PGA Master Professional - Miromar Lakes Golf Club, Miromar, FL

"From the moment we engaged him, Drew really had an excellent understanding of our goals for both of our courses at Quail West. He listened and worked with us to develop a guiding vision and then clearly communicated those concepts to our members in town hall meetings, processed their comments and earned their trust.  Drew’s guidance was equally valuable to our project committee, assisting with the selection of contractors and helping us to navigate all the details prior to and during construction. He was on site weekly to work and communicate closely with the on-site team to guide and monitor progress, ensuring that the finest, quality product was delivered. Drew was always looking for ways to make our project better, even suggesting a radically new concept for one of our par-3’s as it was being built, turning it from a mundane hole to what is now one of the course’s most exciting. Of the greatest importance, however, is how happy our members are with the end results."

- Jack Brozman, Chairman of Golf Course Project Committee and Green Committee - Quail West Golf and Country Club, Naples, FL

"Drew was an absolute joy to work with. From my perspective as a golf course superintendent, he had a genuine interest in the balance between sustainability and architecture. We worked together through a hurricane and record rainfalls exceeding 95”, culminating in a product that the members don’t just like, but LOVE! Having spent the summer with Drew and witnessing his talent I am truly excited to see what he creates next!”

- Nathan Gingrich, Director of Courses and Grounds - Quail West Golf and Country Club, Naples, FL

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend and endorse the exceptional performance of Mr. Drew Rogers, who greatly enabled us to plan and successfully execute a complete bunker renovation project in fall of 2019. Drew’s extensive credentials, expertise, and his calm, engaging and personal demeanor greatly enabled our partnership together and made him a “perfect fit” for Westlake, especially given our status as a non-profit, Active Adult Community with a very limited budget. Add the fact that this project was the most extensive investment ever to be contemplated or approved at Westlake in it’s 20 years to date. Drew made sure we stayed focused on our scope and were able to complete it well within budget and schedule constraints. More importantly - the result we achieved is nothing short of spectacular! 

As the “key integrator” between all parties, Drew’s communications and exchanges with members of the Board of Trustees, our golf course superintendent, the golf course builder and their crew, our Management Office, residents and golfers – were always professional, clear, courteous and precise.

Bottom line - Drew’s unwavering commitment to Westlake’s premier way of life; his vision for improvements to our golf course; and, his dedication to excellence and stellar record to date are in keeping with the highest traditions of the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) and a testament to the results that both hard work and the application of high ideals can produce."  

- Diane O'Connor, Vice President Westlake Golf & Country Club Board of Trustees

"From a maintenance standpoint, I was very impressed with Drew's ability to maintain his vision, yet listen with an open mind to concerns or modifications addressed by everyone involved during the project."

- Dominic Wanchena, Golf Course Superintendent - Valencia Golf & Country Club, Naples, FL

"Drew was a constant professional thoughout the renovation. He included Dominic and me every step of the way to ensure he delivered the best product of design, while keeping in mind the needs of a daily fee operation."

- Nick Stokke, PGA, Head Professional - Valencia Golf & Country Club, Naples, FL

"I have had the pleasure of working with Drew since 2004.  Throughout the years he has never ceased to amaze me with his ingenuity, meticulousness and passion. Time and time again he has impressed me with his architectural knowledge and commitment to the success of the course.  Drew communicates well with our Membership and has a good understanding of golf course maintenance as far as what can and cannot be accomplished. Drew has contributed to 6 major projects on our golf courses, each time with greater results than the last."

- Matt Taylor, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Operations - Royal Poinciana Golf Club, Naples, FL

“Drew's humbleness and ability to work with the superintendent and client is unparalleled to any other architect in the industry. His passion and understanding of what his customer needs and wants allows him to succeed on any project. Drew has the ability to immerse himself into any project, big or small, and give his client total commitment before, during, and after the project is completed. To say the phrase “DREW IS ALL IN” would be an understatement. It has been a pleasure to work with Drew throughout my career and would be an honor to recommend him for anyone who is striving for excellence. “

- M. Curtis James, Superintendent – Old Elm Club, Highland Park, IL

"Old Elm had the foresight 100 years ago to hire probably the two most acclaimed architects of all time, Harry S. Colt and Donald Ross, to design our golf course.  It is their only collaboration. In our recent efforts to restore Old Elm back to its original grandeur, it was a responsibility we took very seriously. It was not only important to Old Elm but to golf itself. That is why we retained Drew Rogers to direct the final stages. His understanding of Colt and Ross and their respective work was key in interpreting their intentions as we completed the project. His attention to detail in going over the Colt plans vs. the work that Ross left, was very impressive.  I feel the job he did is one that Colt and Ross would be proud of. I know Old Elm is."

- Kevin Marion, General Manager - Old Elm Club, Highland Park, IL

"I had occasion last year (2016) to revisit Old Elm Club on the north side of Chicago 15 years after I first saw it. The transformation was stunning, and it was due to Drew Rogers' masterful restoration. I would not have thought that the course I had previously seen could have been so dramatically revived, but there it was, with widened playing lines, daringly bold greens and sharply etched bunkering. As I wrote glowingly in Golfweek, the course was a joy to walk and play, as if I were experiencing the rebirth of a (hidden) gem that had long lay fallow."

- Bradley S. Klein, Achitecture Editor, Golfweek

“Around the same time as Old Elm, at Swinley Forest and St. George’s Hill, Colt built holes where, for the standards of the time, quite considerable amounts of earth were moved, yet, even now, it takes a sensitive eye and a close examination to see where.  What Rogers and team have done at Old Elm is very much in the same spirit.”

- Adam Lawrence, Editor, Golf Course Architecture Magazine

"We have been working with Drew over the last year and a half and all have been impressed by his knowledge, vision, communication skills, appreciation to detail, and accessibility.  Throughout the process Drew has honored our desires to maintain the original Willie Park design and complement it with some modern touches for enhanced playability for all skill levels. His Master Plan is a beautiful and well-designed template which we will use for years to come. Particularly appreciated is his acceptance of the economic realities of private club finances and the challenges which we face. Never heavy handed or forceful, he has worked with us and patiently encouraged proper decision making with respect to prioritization of desired projects."

- Tom Schlembach, Green Chairman - Sylvania Country Club, Sylvania, OH

"Drew’s knowledge of golf course architecture, history, and design principals is unequaled.  His vision for a project is excellent, and his ability to communicate his ideas to the golfing member is outstanding.  He has proven himself as a tremendous asset to us, as his plans have successfully paired the feel of a century-old course with the features and amenities of a newer construction."

- Terry Poley, Head Greenkeeper - Pine Lake Country Club, Orchard Lake, MI

" I’ve had the pleasure of working with Drew on both restoration and new construction projects over the past 15 years.  I admire his technical skills and his keen perspective and vision for the full potential of golf courses. Drew is truly a student of the “art” of golf course design as evidenced by not only his original designs but also his ability to recognize, understand - and when needed, reinstate designs associated with the works of other great architects of the past.

Drew’s greatest strength may be his personal character. He is a man of honesty and integrity and has a unique ability to listen to the "needs and wants" of ownership and then work as part of that team to produce successful results."   

- Kenyon Kyle, CGCS, Superintendent - Audubon Country Club, Naples, FL

"Working alongside Drew for several projects has been nothing short of exceptional. Our most recent renovation started as a new green construction project and quickly expanded to include the addition of a large teaching area, enhanced short game complex and putting green with integrated cart staging. Drew’s productive dialogue, desire to enrich our member experience and dedication to improving the playability of the course made a tremendous undertaking feel effortless. The finished product is more than what we could have hoped for and our membership couldn’t be more pleased; a true testament to Drew’s commitment to excellence."

- Justin Defont, PGA Head Golf Professional - Audubon Country Club, Naples, FL

"My experience working with Drew could not have been more pleasurable and rewarding. During the selection phase, Drew emerged as the clear favorite very early in the process.  He impressed my committee by exhibiting a high level of professionalism and a quiet confidence in his abilities.  He connected very quickly with each committee member and he won our business by focusing on what we wanted to accomplish as opposed to trying to sell us based on his past accomplishments.

Once selected as our consultant, the experience working with Drew could not have been more successful.   He was instrumental in helping us outline our process and was efficient in meeting deadlines for his deliverables.  Most important, he helped us develop a vision for our project based on what we told him we wanted and he ultimately delivered a finished product that met all of our expectations.

Bottom line is that we now feel we have a trusted resource that we would not hesitate to call on again when the next opportunity arises.“

- Jim Brown, President Turnberry Foundation – Country Club of Paducah, KY

"What a pleasure it is working with Drew; with his hands on approach, wealth of knowledge, and dedication to improving the golf experience for my Membership.  Drew’s personality and vision allows for only great success to occur. He has never wavered from our goal of retaining the integrity of the original design and directing the measures that will help us keep it that way into the future."

- Michael Thomas, Director of Golf Course Maintenance - The Country Club at Mirasol, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"Drew possesses a unique blend of knowledge and skills that make him ideally suited for his work.  He has a deep understanding of classic golf architecture, developed by studying Golden Age golf courses and those who designed and built them.   His restorations result in a cohesive presentation, melding original attributes and sympathetic changes seamlessly.  

He has a keen appreciation for the strategies utilized by Ross, Colt, Park and others that made their courses challenging for top players while remaining eminently playable for members.  Both his restorations and new designs present players with options on virtually every shot.

Perhaps Drew’s greatest strength is communication.  Not only does he present his thoughts in a clear and concise manner, but more importantly he dedicates serious time and energy to listening.  Drew’s friendly disposition makes him an absolute pleasure to deal with.  His enthusiasm for the game of golf and passion for his craft are evident at all times."

- Brian Finn, Golf Course Architecture Enthusiast

“When we started planning Olde Stone, my goal was for the course to be recognized as the best in the state of Kentucky. While I had the goal, it was Drew's vision and expertise that ultimately led us to our spot at the top. We worked closely together on the details, step by step, in accordance with our collective purpose and Drew orchestrated the artistry. His positive demeanor, teamwork and inspiration kept us all on target and set the standards for how we present the course today. Not only are we the best course in the state, we are one of the best venues for golf in the entire country.”

- Mr. Jim Scott, Owner  - The Club at Olde Stone, Bowling Green, KY

"A couple of things stand out from my experience of working with Drew Rogers: 1) His expertise – everything we do becomes educational, but always 2-sided, and 2) Working with Drew is always enjoyable – he loves what he does and makes it fun.  Drew has a tremendous handle on all aspects of construction, as well as maintenance – which I find to be both helpful and refreshing because no details are overlooked and costly mistakes are avoided. His vision and knowledge of classic design has driven us to reach our lofty goals and attain an elite level. Lastly, Drew always communicates well with everyone and understands that the greater picture is not about him; it’s about the course and the people here."

- Wyatt Warfel, Director of Grounds - The Club at Olde Stone, Bowling Green, KY


"What stands out to me in Drew's work are his attention to detail and his understanding of what makes for great golf moments.  His lead design work has already netted him a World Top 100 course, but to me, it is his renovation work that truly shows his genius ….his work at the Ross/Colt gem, Old Elm, exemplifies his attention to detail his knowledge of subtle features and an application of the various elements that make all the difference in golf course architecture."

- Mac Plumart, Golf Course Architecture Enthusiast

“Your work has helped to bring our Club back to life. Our member pride has soared and guests feel privileged to play.”

- John Shinkle, Past President - Country Club of Columbus, GA

“Our 90 year old Donald Ross designed course was in need of a major renovation and updating. Drew utilized our original drawings and was able to recapture the Ross vision along with the incorporation of other basic needs required to protect our limited yardage course from today's evolving golf equipment. What resulted was a challenging and enjoyable golf course that is truly a Donald Ross gem again. Speaking as a golf course superintendent, Drew Rogers is as professional, knowledgeable, and as easy to work with as a golf course architect could be. We still have a great relationship with Drew and continue to call on his expertise today.”

- William Smith, Superintendent - Country Club of Columbus, GA

"Drew has been extremely helpful in the golf course renovation project at Wyndemere Country Club this summer. We had problems with our green contours and the club had tried to remedy the situation several times before with little success. With Drew’s help we were able to correct the problems and make the greens the best they have ever been especially from playability prospective.

I have enjoyed working with Drew because he is an extremely gifted golf course architect, has a great eye for detail, never wastes time or money, has a strong passion for the business!  He is a pleasure to work with and I am planning to work with him next year in a larger capacity. I would recommend Drew to help anyone interested in any type of golf course renovation or construction project! "

- Jimmy Lynn, General Manager, COO - Wyndemere Country Club, Naples, FL

“What I enjoy the most about Drew is his unwavering commitment to "get it right". He recognizes that golf courses need to evolve with the times architecturally and in the way they are managed. I believe his designs illustrate just that. Drew has been phenomenal in explaining architectural design philosophies to me and his unique blend of charisma, talent and foresight make him an invaluable asset to any project.”

- T.J. Collins, Assistant Superintendent – Garden City Golf Club, NY

“Drew's architectural style will have you believing Newport National has been where it lays for a hundred years. All I know is this: Whenever I see the names A.W. Tillinghast or Donald Ross in the field beside, "course designer" on a scorecard, I instantly know that's a course I have to play and, no matter the score, the day is going to be an absolute delight. Now, based on my experiences at Newport National, whenever I see a course with the name Drew Rogers attached to it... give me the first available tee time, please!.”

– T.J. Auclair, PGA.com Interactive Producer

“When it comes down to it, only projects that have everyone working together can yield great results. Drew created a productive synergy between the owner, developer, contractor, and superintendent on our project. He created this by sharing ideas, listening to all feedback, and incorporating what worked for our specific budget and property layout into the overall design.”

– Scott Roche, Golf Course Superintendent - Newport National Golf Club, RI

“Drew is really a talented guy. He sees things in the field really well, and did (Newport National Golf Club) for a number nobody could believe. Drew is a guy I would recommend and would use again.”

- Todd Arterburn, CEO - The Rainmaker Group

"I was fortunate enough to have worked with Drew on the Newport National Golf Club. He is a very detail oriented designer with a keen eye for the subtleties that can turn a good golf hole into a great one. He has a wonderful way of describing what he wants to see, he is very artistic and always a consummate professional. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to shaping for him in the future. If Drew is on your job you can be assured that the work will be done well and beautifully."

- Brian Jennings, Professional Shaper

"Drew's passion and expertise was apparent from our first meeting all the way through to the last hours of our project. Drew continually kept everyone abreast and offered insight into decisions, what had been accomplished, and what was yet to be accomplished. Every concerned entity was addressed personally; never as a blanket statement. He is a hands-on, people person and seems to thrive on spreading his vision and eliciting excitement from the beneficiaries of his work. He continues to be a key advisor in the overall betterment of the facility and has gained the admiration of decision makers and members alike."

- Chris Crocker, Past General Manager - Quail Creek Country Club & Resort, Robinson, IL

Drew always takes time to listen to everyone on the project team. His attitude and professionalism were highlighted by his constant concern for the owner’s objectives. He is a man of high moral principles and integrity.”

- Steve Cohoon, Superintendent - Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club, Gainesville, VA

“In all honesty, I can say that I have never worked with any architect more diligent, attentive to detail or responsive to client needs than Drew.”

- Byron Lash, Superintendent -  Lowes Island Club, Potomac Falls, VA

“I have had the pleasure to know and work with Drew since 1997 when we started to develop Oitavos Dunes. Drew’s passion, technical knowledge, commitment and cooperative sprit were fundamental in positioning Oitavos Dunes among the best golf courses in the world.”

- Luís Silvério, Former CEO – Oitavos Dunes, Cascais, Portugal

“Having had the pleasure of working closely with Drew on numerous projects, I can attest to his keen awareness of the environment and a unique ability to seamlessly weave the natural features of a site genuinely with the game of golf. His understanding and adaptation of natural systems and conditions have produced creative and sustainable design solutions that enhance the physical environment and provide maximum value to his clients.”

- Susana Morais, Audubon International Representative & Golf Environment Organization Advisor

“Our people have always been impressed with your fine and cooperative spirit. You have demonstrated a high degree of understanding of the business, as well as the ability to convey a positive attitude of 'Let’s get the job done with a minimum of stress.' The beauty of it is that you make it work, and for that we thank you."

- Brent Wadsworth, Wadsworth Golf Construction


“Drew Rogers possesses an eye for creativity, practicality and the great lineage of the game that results in golf courses that meet the needs of their calling with distinction and beauty. I have witnessed Drew taking the blank canvas of a piece of land and creating upon it a masterpiece that will provide for years of enjoyment to golfers of all ability levels.”

- Matthew E. Adams, PGA Tour Network & New York Times Best Selling Author

“Drew displays great passion in his work along with his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. When challenged he always responded with practical solutions that preserved the integrity of the design.”

- Jim Kelly, Former Project Manager - Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney, TX


“Drew Rogers has a wonderful reputation in the golf industry for being an honest, approachable and all-around good guy. When I’m working on an architecture-oriented story, I love to bounce ideas off Drew, as I know he’s well informed on industry trends, but also well schooled on the classics. He’s a source I can trust.”

- Chris Santella, Author of Fifty Places To Play Golf Before You Die and Fifty More Places To Play Golf Before You Die, Founding member of theAposition.com