Plum Hollow Country Club

Southfield, Michigan

Architectural Assessment & Visioning Program - 2019

Program for Golf Course Improvements - 2020

Construction Phases completed in 2020 and 2021

Additional Consultation and Phased Course Improvements - On-going



Plum Hollow Country Club was founded in 1921, a classic "Golden Age" course laid out originally by C.H. Alison (partner of H.S. Colt).  The Club has a rich history, including its hosting of the 1943 Ryder Cup matches, the 1947 PGA Championship and the 1957 Western Open, among others.

Though the course has been altered over time by a number of architects and influences, our planning approach is directed at sympathetically resurrecting the "spirit" of Alison's more typical architectural traits along with improved infrastructures and sensible, yet traditional design treatments.  Along with much needed floodplain remediation treatments and selective tree removals, the phased construction efforts included a complete redevelopment of the tee complexes as well as all new bunkering. The bunker work has given the course a dramatic, restored identity that channels Alison's larger scaled bunker treatments and strategic fairway angling that will keep the course ripe for the game today and into the future.

We look forward to future work phases, including the practice facilities, green surface studies and an overall continuation of landscape treatments that will address a multi-layered presentation of the course landscape with heightened colors, textures and long, dramatic views.



Original C.H. Alison design - 1921

Ryder Cup Matches - 1943

PGA Championship - 1947

Women's Western Amateur - 1951

Western Open Championship - 1957

Michigan Amateur - 2015


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'41 Ryder Cup