Ruth Lake Country Club

hinsdale, ILLINoiS

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Golf at Ruth Lake originated in 1921 when an original nine holes was laid out by David Foulis.  A year later, another nine was added and the course was opened for play.  Most sources, however, credit the overall design of the course to notes golf course architects, William Langford and Theodore Moreau, whose distively bold designs are among the most memorable in the Midwest (Lawsonia, West Bend and Ozaukee in Wisconsin, Skokie in Chicago, and Harrison Hills in Indiana).

In 2004, the course was wholly renovated, in fact completely redesigned by Arthur Hills.  As a result, not much of the original Langford and Moreau character exists today, though there are some small bits that the bulldozers missed ;)  Still, Ruth Lake is a beautiful, meticulously maintained layout on an ideal site for golf.



An original design by William Langford and Theodore Moreau - 1922

Original layout/routing plans apparently developed by David Foulis

Renovation by Arthur Hills - 2004