Planning to Succeed

When a new or renovated course opens for play, golfers see the flawless turf, the perfect bunkers and the pure greens.  They see a course that is 'brand new'.  What they don't often see or realize is all the efforts that go into making a project come together to make the appreciable details shine through.  Absent from view are all the meetings, the alternative plans, the cost forecasts and the construction details.   All the difficult discussions, personalities and the decisions that resulted are now background noise or forgotten. Missing is the full realization of how an architect works with his/her client to set goals and synthesize countless elements and issues into a cohesive solution. Whether you are seeking knowledge to execute a successful renovation - or simply trying to understand the process that predates your favorite golf course, this great article shares invaluable insight into the most important planning steps for success.

Planning to Succeed - By Design, Spring '18