Cattail Creek Country Club

glenwood, maryland

On-going consultation 



Cattail Creek was established in 1993 and designed by golf course architect and land planner, Willard Byrd.  In fact, Cattail Creek is believed to be his last full design effort.

The course is laid out on a variety of pastoral terrain, characteristic with the horse farms around nearby Columbia, MD.  Holes are arranged amongst an upscale, master planned residential community - so there are some breaks between holes on occasion, but most of the golf expereince rolls along without much interruption.

I was retained by the Club in 2012, mainly for the purposes of identifying  a consistent vision for the golf course and then developing plans that could be followed over time as a more practical means of continued improvement.  Since our initial planning efforts, I have worked closely with superintendent, Chris Harriman to prioritize work and implement mostly in-house projects that are conssistent with the direction laid out in the overall plan for improvements.



Original design by Willard Byrd - 1993