LPGA International

Legends Course

Daytona Beach, Florida

Opened: 1998



This course was the second course for the Consolidated Tomoka development, partnered with Rees Jones’ Champions Course.  It was also an opportunity given to me by Arthur to really test my project management skills and complete design abilities from start to finish.  

During the process, I also cut my teeth on how to effectively “mark out clearing” of the site for the construction of the holes – as this site was covered with dense palmetto, pines, oak hammocks and lots of undergrowth and wetlands.  Incredibly challenging at times, I never knew where I was stepping as I tromped through palmettos with a machete.  Mike Dasher just told me to make lots of noise and keep moving!  Thanks, Mike! 

Once the construction moved along, I had the pleasure of sharing the progress on a course tour with LPGA Hall of Famer, Beth Daniel and 4-time LPGA Major Championship winner, Meg Mallon.  We shared ideas on the various hole strategies and visual components of the holes while they were still being shaped.



LPGA Tour Arch Classic in ‘00


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