PGA & ASGCA Partner to Grow Golf

The PGA of America and the ASGCA Foundation are working together to grow the game of golf by sending ASGCA member architects to facilities interested in reconfiguring their layouts and/or devoting open land to smaller scale facilities to allow new players to ease into the game.

The program is called “First Links” and will provide grants to applicants to pay for visits by ASGCA members.  Member architects will visit the facility to evaluate golf facilities for their potential to house a short course or practice area, or to otherwise advise on modifying existing layouts in a way to welcome and encourage new players.  These one-day visits will by followed by submission of a site evaluation report describing ideas for layout or open land reconfiguration.

Interested facility owners or managers with interest should complete a grant application available on the ASGCA website at  Those who pass the initial screening process will be forwarded to the Foundation Board for review.  Grantees will be notified if they are eligible for an ASGCA member visit.  Grantees will have the ability to request a specific ASGCA member or may ask for a list of members from their area to choose from.