Sounds pretty self-explanatory, doesn’t it?  It should. If anyone asks what makes JDR special – it all begins with these simple words.


Golf course architecture is both a craft and art, all based on the elements of creativity and application of sound design principles.  "Creating" implies close, respectful involvement with clients and other team members to resolve challenges in innovative ways; using what we collectively know and working through a process toward the best solutions.  "Creating" is all about having a vision for how people will enjoy the game and then implementing a presentation of that experience through architecture.



Perhaps an overused adjective, yet a simple word that rejects mediocrity or the status quo. We’re always trying to make things better… in designing a new course or restoring the elements of a worn masterpiece.  Better playability, maintainability, more appealing, better circulation, safer, more inviting, more enjoyable and memorable with more variety, and ultimately more successful and sustainable – those are just some of the ways that better may be defined.  “Better”  is also how we treat other people - to be good not only at what we do, but also be good people.  We stand for good and being good is "Better".



It is the grandest game one can play.  So many people, everywhere around the world, can enjoy golf in many different ways.  Everyone has an opinion about one’s favorite course or partiality to an architectural style, just as we also have particular tastes in homes, cars, food or clothing.  The great thing is that golf allows for those preferences to exist so that we can all enjoy the game in a way that we choose. Golf has afforded me the opportunity to work with diverse clientele to create a wide range of experiences that make golf so special.  As the game continues to evolve, so will our work.



In a profession filled with I’s, me’s and my’s, this entity operates as a “we”.  No one person can execute a project successfully by one’s self, yet so many have no problem taking complete credit for doing so. We may be given the title of “architect” on a project, but it is the collective team that follows a vision and delivers the product - TOGETHER.  No one person or entity is ever more important than another.   We work in an environment that is rich with ethics, honesty and compassion; we show respect to our clients, to fellow team members and for everything we create. Because of this, JDR may not be for everyone.  We seek out clients and opportunities that represent the best fit and that will bring us happiness and collective success.  We strive to identify work that complements our values and take on challenges that mesh with our passion for CREATING BETTER GOLF TOGETHER.