Affordable Golf Symposium

In November of 2010, golf course architect Richard Mandell conducted the first Symposium for Affordable Golf, in Pinehurst, NC.  Richard has been an avtive spokesman in the industry for the promotion of sensibility and pragmatism not only among golf's leaders but to all who enjoy our fine game. 

His initial program covered a broad range of considerations, including development, operations and maintenance considerations, all in relationto the cost of the game.  Richard's ultimate goal was to showcase how we might make thr game more affordable by  utilizing what we already know and realizing aspects that have not become mainstream.

His initial program is highlighted by:

1. Environmental Strategies That Can Also Make the Game More Affordable

2. The Simplicity of Golf course Management in the British Isles

3. Cost-Conscious Lessons to Learn from the Golden age

4. Pace of Play: Affordable Golf is Quality Golf

5. The Folly of Replcating Tournament Conditions

Please enjoy Richard's White Paper, produced as a recap of the first annual Affordable Golf Symposium in 2010.

2010 Affordable Golf White Paper