Belle Haven Country Club

Alexandria, Virginia

Renovation competed in 2004

Improvement studies in 2011



Located along the banks of the Potomac River, Belle Haven has a long and distinguished history as a fine private club in the metro D.C. area and one of the best courses in Virginia.  Founded in 1924, Belle Haven is located just outside of Old Town Alexandria, along the scenic GW Parkway. The Club derived its name after Scottish pioneers who named the settlement after their countryman, the Earl of Belhaven.  From several of the higher points on the property, one can see the Capitol and the GW Monument.  The Club hired AHSF to completely renovate and upgrade the course from tee to green and assist in addressing some of the nagging drainage issues that result from periodic flooding.  Much of the lower part of the course is at or very near sea level and is therefore susceptible to flooding during high water periods.  The key challenge was how to get the water of the course quickly as it begins to recede.  My main responsibilities during the renovation were to oversee and direct the implementation of the design in the field and help to coordinate the technical aspects of the drainage and pumps with the overall design vision.  Belle Haven is one of the more extensive renovations one might ever see, as literally every inch of the golf property was affected.  As the work was completed, the course was entirely recovered with sod. We celebrated the success of our efforts when the course re-opened, where Sup[erintendent Mike Augustin awarded me with a pair of bronzed boots - a pair of boots that I was contented to leave behind because they were always too caked with mud to take home!



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