Stoneybrook West Golf & Country Club

Winter GARden, Florida



Developed by US Home, Stoneybrook West opened in 2000 - a master planned golf community with 13 community villages located just twenty minutes from downtown Orlando and 15 minutes from Disney.  The community and club were geared more toward being a family environment than an active adult concept, as Orlando tends to attract a more diverse crowd.

I recall when Art assigned this job to me… he came to my desk and spoke of a gentleman with US Home whom he had worked with many years prior - Frank Dolan.  He smiled when he spoke of Frank, so I could only imagine that the two of them had enjoyed some good times back in the day.  Art told me, “You’ll enjoy working with Frank… he’s good man, but don’t let him run all over you!”  He went on to tell a story of working with Frank, somewhere else in Florida… I think Foxfire in Naples.  He sent Frank a bill for a site visit and received a note back from Frank that said, “Art, I don’t mind paying for the sunscreen you charged me for, but can I least have what’s left of it?”  They had fun needling one another.

Well, Art was right about Frank - a real gentleman that I got to know throughout the project - and he needled me too.  He always referred to the course as “his course” and “I want this or that"… which I always got a kick out of.  The course opened to good reviews and remains popular today… situated on elevated ground above Black Lake.  It’s unusual to have long views in Florida, but we have a few nice vistas on this course.


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