Colonial Heritage Golf Club

Williamsburg, Virginia



Colonial Heritage was an encore effort with Lennar Homes following all the success from our previous efforts in Northern Virginia at Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club in Gainesville.  The developer engaged the same project team to produce another award-winning course and community - this time in Southern Virginia on the outskirts of Colonial Williamsburg.  

In the beginning, the site was simply magnificent… gently rolling farm land along a high plateau with densely wooded draws that peeled off into a deep stream corridor - lots of diversity. If we had been given free reign (without integrating the housing), the golf course could have been even better.  But as it worked, the golf was pushed out along some of the more severe terrain along the wooded edges and ravines.  The gentler rolling land (best suited for golf) was more open and easier to develop within the central core of the property.  for this reason, the developer chose this ground for the large housing parcels.  Still though, we worked to create a variety of tests, some with great drama!  It’s a solid collection of holes and has been a popular amenity with the active adult membership. I recall the par-5, 5th hole… it was a real bear to build, what with the severe slopes, wetlands, mature forest and all.  As a result, I think that hole is notoriously pretty challenging!

I enjoyed working in Williamsburg… what a great community there.  It’s always a great place to pay a visit... with the whole family!


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